Selecting Bamboo Shades Is No Compromise

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We can debate and make plans. We can berate and we can talk all day about the damage that global warming and consumerist living does to the environment, but unless we make significant changes in our households, that's all it is: talk. Reducing our driving time and fuel expenditure is important. By reducing our speed we can lower our fuel consumption. Even trading in our cars for less fuel thirsty vehicles helps. These are the simplest and most obvious steps we can take, and if many people take these steps, then these changes would have a larger effect than any other measures we could take. Your home uses a large amount of energy, when you are there, and when you are out on the town. Reducing this electric and gas consumption can make our energy footprint smaller, starting with you. Bamboo shades can make these little changes a whole lot easier. Like many of the window treatments that are available, plastic simulated woven woods can offer some of the benefits mentioned, however, only true bamboo shades that are created from natural woods can provide all of these benefits, while still remaining affordable.

Bamboo shades can reduce our energy costs by reducing the amount of sunlight that enters the home. It's common for people to air condition their homes during hot weather. Bamboo shades have many heat and light blocking features. Bamboo shades are awesome in the fact that they can block 100 percent of the light coming through your windows. On the same note, open bamboo shades will filter out twenty-five to ninety percent of the light that would be coming into your home. This is just an estimate of the amount of heat these shades can block. Of course, the more heat that gets blocked, the less we need to spend on energy to cool our homes. You can achieve this by using woven wood shades. You may not realize this, but blocking the heat and light from bombarding your home will protect your interior furnishings from unnecessary wear and tear.

For instance, when people are at home changing, they'll usually lower the shades so other people won't be able to see them. The next thing that they will need to do is turn on a light, which uses electricity. Bamboo shades, however, can let some of this light through, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. Unlined bamboo shades offer the advantage of allowing natural daylight to filter into the home, while still promoting privacy for the homeowners. This is great because it will cut down on the home's energy bills. Thus, a natural product, which filters light, can also keep people fro having high lighting bills.

Don't forget to pay attention when it comes time to replace your bamboo shades. The greatest thing about this material is it is biodegradable. The metal and plastic components are very small, and the rest of the bamboo and threads decompose quickly, reducing landfill waste. On the other hand, bamboo shades are environmentally friendly and will biodegrade. Bamboo shades are a lot better, environmentally speaking, than non-biodegradable plastic shades. The selection of plastic shades leads to an environmental landslide, which can be avoided with careful selection of beautiful bamboo shades using natural materials.

These window treatments can be a good aspect of your "green plan" for your house. One item that can help you is a set of bamboo shades. Your woven wood shades will keep the direct sun out and provide some privacy at the same time. An important thing to remember is that you can easily recycle bamboo shades. Using bamboo shades can help you lower your cooling and lighting bills. For these reasons and more, bamboo shades are a great choice for the environment.