It’s Time To Think About Your Bedroom Closet Design

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Have you given your bedroom closet design much attention? Perhaps not, until you've gone shopping for new sets of clothes and found out that there's no more space to hang or put in your new clothes.

In such case, you need not worry much because there are new bedroom closet designs that you can use. Today, you have various styles, colors and sizes to choose from. It isn't like yesteryears when closet are simply shelf and pole put together. There are also various materials these days that are used to come up with sturdier furniture that can last for a lifetime.

As time flies, the bedroom closet designs become even better with first-rate parts, more material and color choices, more organizers and grander choices on customizing the closet in order to fit in and satisfy individual needs, personal tastes and lifestyles. With wide range of choices, you can now achieve a closet design that perfectly suits not just you but your family as well. Some of the new and appealing trends in bedroom closet designs are:

1. Islands. If your bedroom has a really big walk-in closet, you can create an island cabinet right in the center. Such islands usually include drawers to provide storage for flat items like ties, scarves, underwear and shirts. Most of these islands have a flat, well-finished top to serve as a counter where you can place a pair of clothing. The cabinet top can also be a place where you can fold your laundry and a suitable landing area for your loose change, purse, wallets, and other items that you use daily.

2. Ventilation and dehumidification. Bedroom closets, particularly those that have hampers, need air circulation in order to stay fresh. One of the helpful tips to achieve this is to employ ventilated doors and air fresheners that are designed for closets. You can also utilize active and passive fans. Moreover, to protect the closet from molds, mildew and other still-air breeders, you can put in small dehumidifiers.

3. Shoe cubes. Before, shoes used to sit on the home's flooring, and slowly, they began to be housed by shelves and simple racks. And now for more protection, especially for costly shoes, shoe stacker or shoe cubes are introduced. These are basically open-faced chests, divided horizontally and vertically into individual bins. Every bin is big enough to fit a pair shoes. Through this, you can easily see the shoes you have and choose the pair that's right for your outfit.

4. Hamper bins. It's a space where you can put a self-supporting storage basket or mount an individual wire bins that you can smoothly glide if you want to put or get an item inside. It is a good idea to have hamper bins where dirty clothes can be placed because they make a room more organized.

If you are busy or not creative enough to design your own bedroom closet, there are people out there who can help you out. Today, many cabinet component dealers and home centers offer bedroom closet design services to assist you in designing your closets.

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