Here Are Some Useful Tips To Know Before Choosing Curtains

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Consider the style, size, and shape of the window, and what you want the curtains for. Think about the room, its proportions and what it?s used for, the upholstery, and accessories. Curtains can be hung from rods in a number of ways. Although most are functional rather than stylish, some decorative types are available. The right choice will not only enhance the window but also turn an ordinary room into a really special place.

Here are ten household helpful hints for choosing curtains:

1. Match curtain fabric with upholstery to unify space that seems untidy.

2. Use carpet to mark off space. A rug is ideal for establishing a social zone within a room.

3. Fabrics with classic patterns give a period feeling to the ambience of a room.

4. Remember that the bed linen, tablecloths, and towels also contribute to decoration.

5. Sheer curtain and gauze enable us to filter light.

6. Venetian blinds allow control over the amount of light entering a room.

7. Do not limit curtains and blinds to just windows. They can be used in an excessively long passage or hallway. Blinds make good screens.

8. In rooms with a lot of pictures, different colored walls, or furniture, it is suitable to use neutral tones for the curtains and upholstery.

9. Take advance of fabrics by using them to renovate your furniture.

10. Use rugs and tapestries as hanging on a wall. Their color and texture are unbeatable and they improve acoustics.

How To Apply Feng Shui In Your Office

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Details inside the office decor can impact Feng Shui, including plants and color schemes. The following tips will help you understand more about employing the aged art of Feng Shui within your office.

There is a good reason that Feng Shui is oftentimes called the Chinese art of placement. Feng Shui precepts hold that our achievements in life (or our eventual failure) is not decided by the work that we do but rather by unexplained forces. The outcome of our lives is affected by how our workplaces and homes are laid out. Feng Shui principles hold that particular spots are luckier than other and that being in the right place at the right time can make us successful. This may be , but what if it's not? Most folks can use all the good fortune they can get. Take the tips below into consideration:

Choose an idyllic location. One ideal position according to Feng Shui is an office located in a tall building that commands shorter, surrounding buildings. Also being in a building which is at the intersection of several roads, but which is not directly in front of two intersecting roads resembling the tip of an arrowhead - a deadly place to be situated. Another promising location for an office is one that has a primary view of water. To the Chinese this is so essential that the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank in Hong Kong went to great lengths to guarantee that it had an unimpeded view of Victoria Harbor, lobbying mightily with the colonial government to construct a park and low-level garage simply so it could have this perfect view.

Steer clear of negative places. Meat cleaver-shaped constructions such as the Sears Tower are not very good places to have an office. Feng Shui precepts also would be against offices that are developed near funeral parlors or graveyards, or that are encircled by staggering skyscrapers or other statuesque buildings. Equally adverse is the top floor of a very tall building as powerful winds work to circulate ch'i (life force).

Buildings with larger entrances are idyllic. Be sure that the building's entryway does not have columns that hinder the view and that it does not face a tree line. It is the belief of those who practice Feng Shui that the chi or life force enters through the office's doors. Buildings that are constructed with Feng Shui principles in mind have slanted entryways that permit the life force to have easy admittance. Notice how Macao's casino doors are slanted.

Water is perpetually a good thing when it comes to Feng Shui precepts. For this reason, you will oftentimes observe fish aquariums in Chinese eating establishments. If you do not have access to water in your office, then setting up a fountain is the immediate best option. And since water must be kept clean under Feng Shui precepts, it is essential that you take extra care to change the water often in wall vases and plants in your office.

How To Save Money As You Revamp Your Home

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You can have a classy home on a modest budget. A beautifully modern home, tastefully done, is possible. Even on a prudent budget. Start your home makeover with simplicity. A crowded, cluttered up room full of decorations and furnishings and furniture looks tacky in comparison to a simple, almost spartan home.

The trick is to go minimalist.
The time for lavish spending on white elephants is over. Now is the time to learn from the Shakers and go simple. Form and function. Everything should have a reason to be in a room. Everything in the room should go with the decor and the color scheme. Pare down your furniture and furnishings to the bare minimum. Keep only the best items which go with your color scheme and with the style of your home.

To deal with a smaller budget, you can do two things:

1. Cut costs by buying only the best. The best meaning, what looks best in your home, which is the most useful and fits best with your lifestyle and home decor. If anything does not fit all these criteria, walk away. Spend only on the very best things -- furniture and furnishings, for your home.

2. Bring in more money by selling off the clutter. Pare down your decor. Go simple. Get rid of clutter to reveal space. Your room will look more spacious and classier when the surfaces are bare. When the mismatched furniture and furnishing are gone. Better to have less in pared down room that looks simply chic, than to have more in a cluttered up room that feels crowded and makes everyone in it feel claustrophobic. The money from selling off the excess will come in handy during the recession.

Start by selling away the excess. Hold a garage sale to sell off all the white elephants as well as anything that does not fit in with your intended decor.

Join ebay and auction off all the clutter in your home. From the old rugs that just don't match the decor, to the old sofa that looks like an eyesore. Hey, it is an antique right? So it should fetch some money on ebay.
All those white elephants-- well meaning gifts from friends and family, impulse buys and all, sitting on the shelf or hidden in the store room can be sold for cash.

With the proceeds of all these sales, and having gotten rid of the clutter, you can now buy key items for your home, that actually go well with your decor and which you will actually use.

Take stock of your now less crowded home.

Choose your color scheme. Should it be warm and woody? White and spacious? Pink and girly? Floral and feminine? Green, brown and masculine?

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint that will go with your intended color scheme.

What else do you need?

What else does not go with your color scheme?

Conduct a second round of garage sales and ebay auctions to pare down your home even further.

Is your home strewn with books, magazines and newspapers?
Would a classy magazine rack be enough? Or would you need bookshelves and cupboards as well? Don't settle for something third rate. Go for something you really love. Fewer items, but really good ones, will still cost less than lots and lots of cheap stuff you don't like that much.

What kind of chairs and tables would you prefer?
A leather sofa and wooden tables?
A fabric sofa?
Glass table tops?
Pick a theme that goes with your home and stick to it.

Pare down your home, sell off the excess and go for lasting items of great quality which you love. That would make your home something you would be really proud of, even as you stay within your budget.

Ease Your Quest For Affordable Wall Art Paintings And Find Them Nearby

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The best part about some wall art pictures or affordable wall art paintings is the fact that they have been defining the human society with their aesthetics since ages now. Art has been known to be a mode of communication that has been helping the humanity share their histories and stories since the days back in the early human civilizations. The main intention behind the whole concept in the first place has been the fact that the humanity needed some way of depicting their emotions and the beauty of the nature around them. Use of color was the best way of doing the same. The revolutions in the field in different centuries and eras though have been impacting the look and style of the same from time to time, but the main idea and concept still remained the same always.

Finding a perfect painting that suits the room and makes it look better might not be that difficult a task as is to make sure that you get them on a right and affordable price. You can always find some good wholesale oil paintings or cheap oil paintings for sale with a little luck, but the more important thing is to make sure that you know where to search for them. Below are few tips to help you with your quest, so if you really wish to change the that look of the house of yours with a good cheap paintings, keep reading :

Galleries Of Art :

The fact is that dropping by some good art galleries might help you to find some good first hand artwork. The advantage mainly is the fact that you could get to see something that might catch your attention. Buying from these places though might not sound right budget-wise, but then you could always take down the name of the artist whose work attracted you and then could go down to his website, thereby eliminating the middlemen. Buying form the artist directly might reduce the cost a lot.

Stores Of Art Supplies :

The art supply stores mainly are there for the supplies, but most of the times they also offer the complete work of few of the independent artists or their own accredited painters. Being from the independent artists most of these modern oil paintings or wall decor paintings come cheap.

Local Exhibits :

The local exhibits at the local libraries or the cafes or the art fairs mainly are conducted to help the local artists find some good customers. These places often offer some very cheap flower oil paintings or landscape oil paintings for sale that often look very good.

When it comes to the pieces of art, each individual piece has its own ambiance, character and feel. Everything starting from the texture and the medium, the color scheme and the subject matter, when it comes to a painting, it speaks loads. With the aura and the beauty they flaunt, they have been known to capture every eye that enters a room, which is one of the main reasons people prefer to use a painting when they wish to change the look of a room. So go on find yours.